Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Boy with Empty Mason Jars

There was nothing out there;

          sky, street, trees.

I looked further
and there was a you
slipping away from a me

to greet me –

a place that existed
only in the furthest
reaches of sleep

and frailty
          and goodbye

where the sunlight
feels colder

the desperation

than winter’s
chilling embrace.

The girl I love
in the front seat
behind the wheel –

my heart
somewhere in my throat forever.

She looks at me
with eyes that long
for something more;

some thing
I’ve never had.

Something she needs to find
on her own.

And then maybe –

          I hoped –
you’d find me
in the other realm

in the other sky
above the blue

above you;

in the other
that I acquired
before you awoke
from the sadness.

I’m the storm
in front of you
you want to chase.

You’re the storm
in front of me
that gets away;

a supercell swirling
in the swaying hail.

And I wish
you could feel me

the suffocating drops
of longing
I can’t keep
from spilling out

of every pore
to my name.

And though that ever-present
shimmer in your eyes
is blinding

there is a sickening past
and a future uncertain

you’re just not willing
to let go of –

to envision –

just yet.

And so these stars
will extinguish
the sun

on this

the coldest day
on earth.

You’ll bury me
in the backyard;

you want to bury me
in your grave –

in the ashes
of a heaven obscure.

Somehow, you’ve been
deflecting all the love
I’ve been throwing
in effervescent cyclones
towards your unseeing eyes.

Your love –
          still forming
cumulonimbus massacres
in spotty crashes –

an unsubstantial rain
and a drought
that has plagued
my aching claws.

I’m losing my strength
while my will remains

bitterly intact;

please touch down –

Juliet Oscar Romeo Delta Alpha November –

on the runway
before the snow

and so love
is synonymous

with scary dreams
that end
beforethe end.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Contact Binary (W Ursae Majoris)

We’ve been gravitating
towards each other

for lightyears

unbeknownst until
it was too late.

We touch
through spaceless

for the first time.

A supernova
on the event horizon;

we’ll create our own
moving castle

forever howling
into infinity.

Your soul
is fractured
and tired –

let me mend you
with my broken arms.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Up, West, Sky

I thought
you’d be the one

that saved me.

Pass out-
side –

I used my hat
to catch the sunlight
before it rose
to shine upon your face

and send me into
a dizzying trance

starry-eyed for days.

And you’re always there
when I close my eyes;

if you’re my dream
please come true

I still think
you’re the one

(that can save me).

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dante & Beatrice

I’m gonna finish this song
and listen to this cigarette.

Notice the rain falling harder –
almost blinding

the last mile to my house.

My love for you
is second

to none

and like heroin
I feel at home
in your arms

spinning dizzy
concentric circles
up into the majestic.

But you’re allergic to love…

A cigarette
in the cold gray

A Chopin sonata

and you’re off the map

spinning dizzy
erratic circles
up into the majestic.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Call it in the Air

I was half-expecting it
to be nighttime

or for every
pitch black.

For every you
another mourning

cause you’re volatile
like Tampa weather.

And in my dream about you
I was telling you all about
my dream about you

how every flower
I composed

carried by the wind

went flying out the window.

Toss a fair coin –

tonight you’re nothing special.

But tomorrow
and ever after;

          the thing I love most about her
            is how she notices every starkissed color

in the things she loves.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Fire in the Fog (continuation of SkyFalls)

with your arms
under your head

is violence.

like dimes kissing
the window

above your head –

the same rain
that has put me
to bed

just as I
had put you
to bed

in the same space
where you put us
to rest.

I scared you
you scarred me;

like a cigarette:

left chasing
a freebase buzz
that will never


Saturday, May 10, 2014

The First Critic


Black out in the sun,
leave your ligaments behind –
you’ve fallen and
you deserve some rest.

I could lend you these
wrist accessories;
your character may want
some borrowed attitude.

This angst is stagnant,
and you can’t spell
“volatile” without love.

Find me in the isolation tank.

His heart hears signs that
are so often misconstrued as a pulse;
(but) his heart is broken chalk
in a rainstorm.


Black out on the sun,
blood spills from
the clouds like
a meteor shower.

I thought I wanted
to ask you something,
but I can never seem to
spit it out. Soooo……

“How was Easter?”
mine was quiet;

I want to tell you we belong
somewhere at the same time;
I think I want to ask you


Black out the sun.
Ice slice your eye sockets
as your heart slips
into its red giant phase.

She’s fleeting faster
than spring semester.
Sad to say –
no progress has been made.

The glass is half
broken and the remaining
shards are slurring their speech
in suspended liquid.

So dance in silence;
I’ll miss you from afar.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Forest of Wolves and Dark

Chase the smoke;
          you’re unlucky.

Sunsets dissipate –


you’re softer now.

Or at least
I envision you as such.

But dark
darker still.

You’re my last leg
to stand on
amongst the filth.

lost and lonely.

soft and only.

like the perfect sunset:

          too far behind me

just out of reach.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


not you.

Why not you?

It may
have been slipping

gracefully past morning.

Grayer than
your silent films.

And why.

Headless angel –


hovering above your neck.


Your nape
cool and soft.

Morning without you.
Y. Not U.

U and Y.