Monday, November 25, 2013


I found a lucky penny
from 1982.

It was heads up
outside of a gas station
that sells liquid cocaine.

I clenched my teeth
whilst staring down

listening to the sound
of rushing water
behind my eyes.

All the things
I’d say face to face
came in parabolic waves
of repetition
and OCD.

I reached down
to pick up the penny

but a black cat
emerging from the shadows

crossed my path

and ran off with

the damned thing.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Favorite Part of Letter Go

The woman from Norway
delicately broke my ribs
one by one in the dark

my sentimentality.

I thought about you
in the darker

how novelties from May
wore off faster
than your mascara
on a rainy night.

How the hours since August
have been mocking me
and the one that follows
is a bullet:

how I can’t stop time
from reaching my eyes.

I thought about us
in the darkest

but it’s goofy thinking
that led us here

and goofy thinking
that can reverse

these fractures.