Sunday, May 19, 2013

Man Out of Time

The birds were awake
before Manhattan.

Tesla was tinkering
with something revolutionary

and dawn had said
goodnight to Twain.

Nobody attempted
the dark blue

the stumbling
on the repetition.

We’ve allotted enough
out of the sliver
of molded blinds

and we’re all paranoid
when we get too close.

United we stand
untied we fall

and ashes to never rise.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dreamlike Sensations & Perceptual Distortions

Some miss
the invincibility of youth;

I missed
the invincibility of youth.

Choking on
the distance in the distance –

          the air
          contaminated by longing –

slipping back
into the world of fog;

relearning how to dream.

They say
these issues
to resolve
themselves on
their own

but I am malnourished
on the 53rd floor
of this modern apartment.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

C17H27NO2 HCl

I had Captain Crunch
on the morning I died.

There was a bitter
almond aftertaste
that lingered
in the sweet milk residue.

Internalizing the fear –

the black shadow –

clutching at my throat
and scrambling for grey skies.

The air is airless –

counter-clockwise memory
on the inside
in the onslaught.

Contrary to popular belief

it does not cut
the roof of your mouth.

Dance the Dalliance


We’re living longer
but not happier;

holding on to the receipt
of the pillow
in case it gives you
the one dream
you don’t want to have.

We live in houses
but not homes.


I sit on that hill
in the corner of the suburbs

the one by the stone bench

and pretend I’m somewhere


and if intimacy
has been ruined
by forces
out of your control

then you have reached
the event horizon

and must close your eyes.