Monday, April 21, 2014

Once Upon an Oversight

Give me a day
for you to treat
these fresh spring 
wounds of mine

I've been collecting them
in secret
in passing

by the roadside
where you once walked.

The pale

screaming overhead
and underfoot;

we don’t know where
we stand anymore

and you've exited that
dream of mine
a trillion times

where one of us pulls away
just as the other
becomes too attached

to breathe
or sleep

or slip further
into safety

or slide further
into the guarded

arms of regret.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ego Dominus Tuus

There was a void
instead of the horizon.

There was a storm
in place of the sun.

The new sun
was a storm.

A black hole
with a cloud outline.

Handling the hail
we held on to hope
of better days coming.

There was a void
on that horizon.

There was ungular
damage to each sky.

The new end
to the new tremor.

A windless summer
in the breath.

Breathing in
ballistic barbs before
letting go of you.