Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pascal's Wager

Cloud digesting moon;
          the film was “Flim”

          god is
          or God is not;

          you must wager.
          It is not optional.

One by one by one by no one

as Mars became visible
through a slit between
the passenger window
and aforementioned God-is-not

and sank through
the ceiling vents in heaven

the floor vents in Hell;

          seven cents to purgatory

with only six cents to sell.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Lieutenant Dan's Magic Legs

          another state
          of consciousness;

          not altered,
          just another.

i.e.     A sneeze heard
          across the hallway
          but the perp already in
          the room with you

          sound asleeply sound.

a.            If my body dissolved
like sugar granules
into sweat
right here in this bed
with her

she’d eulogize:
          his life was a series
          of stiff drinks and cigarettes
          that ended at the tips
          of recessed filters
          and the bottoms of condensating
          scotch glasses.

I’d say:
          I used to love olive oil
          and hate olives
          but now I love olives

          and hate heroin.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Haunting

When it storms,
it’s foolish to trust
that the ghosts
in the backseat

will lead you
to safety.

I mean

I’ve made a few deals;

woken up with my nose

let Hafner’s wife suck me off
in the foyer
while he, that miserable prick,
was upstairs fucking Sherry –

my dreadful neighbor
with the two screaming kids.

In the middle of this blowjob
is when I open my eyes
to my reflection
fist-pumping in front
of the bathroom mirror at work –

Flynn looks over his shoulder
piss still streaming like icing onto
a pink urinal cake.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Tenderness of a Sociopath

Tonight at midnight
I want to kiss someone

who makes me feel
I can take
the tape

off of their lips.

Someone who watches bugs
panic and shriek at the sun

and thinks of friends
in their own lives.

Some one who watches
fireflies send off their struggle
in rain

collapsing under the weight
of fluttering summers.

Some fun:

don’t be scared,

you’re just a human

without skin.