Monday, October 24, 2016

Everyone's Lord Byron for Halloween

Spring Water is like
the Number 1 App on the App Store –
it’s your only nourishment
and you need 60 ounces a day.

Your eyes are like
a record player –
spinning dizzying concentric
circles of color: I can’t stop staring.

My heart is the CPU
of my other heart
and it’s bogged down by one
unnecessary program that I can’t uninstall.

Coffee is like coffee.

Relationships are likes iPhones –
          awesome for a month
          inseparable and automatic for a year
          cracked and obsolete by year two.

The Blameless Vestal's Lot (Eternal Sunshine ekphrastic)

On a cold night in Montauk
the house is crumbling into
the sand where tall grass
sleeps every summer.

Oceanic waves flood into
the foyer
chilling your ankles
filling your shoes with wet sand.

It’s almost like there’s
a spotlight on your face
when you call out to her
at the top of the stairs.

Do you feel in love
or codependent
when you fall into winter?

When the last memory you have
starts to disintegrate
and die around you?

You said “so go,”
with such disdain, you know?

Stuck between I love you 
and meet me in Montauk.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Brightness Brightens

What a world in which we live
where your skin inspires paintings
that inspire my ekphrastics

like loose bearings on a dust jacket
but like no dust
on your jacketed embrace.

What a world we live in –
I saw you 5 years ago
and wanted to know you more than dreams

but I never spoke to you then
in my scotchy speech because I never spoke
without scotchy speech.

What a world we live
breathing in fall like orgasms
when the sun still makes you cold

while red sheets swallow
and swim you closer to me
but I need more days.

What a world
where I can get a yellow onion
or a carrot for only 69 cents.