Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Run Long on Broken Lungs

Gone are the days of eastern oysters
and falling to pieces when I walk
behind Madison Square Garden for the “Best Slice
of New York Pizza!”
          And on 8th Avenue, boasting a pagan-ritual sized
sign that reads “Voted One of the 10 Best Slices in the City!”
                   they weren’t actually wrong.
I thought Joe’s in Greenwich was alright
I believe Sal & Carmine’s off Broadway gets the job done
but NY Pizza Suprema just has the ratio near-perfect
          beneath this soft kneeling moon
wading into marinara red –
this pillow-scented road
full-of-reclining-ash vs. void-of-sliding-palms:
It’s good that it’s sad
                   this early in the evening
when the sun is still out on its swing set
          and I miss you more with every flicker of neon on 30th st. 
out and to the west.