Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Entwined in Twine

I can’t sleep and it’s all your fault.


They came back you know,
tried to prescribe me some “sedative-hypnotic”;
which just made every second like
acupuncture with rusted needles.

My brain beat out the narcotic;
renamed it “seductive-hypnosis”.

Now, I rely on these oval sleepy-candies
to get me through the day,
and insomnia channeled through
static to muddle me on past the night.


Worn and tethered;
torn and weathered.

The urge to drive –
not tonight,
no, not tonight.

I miss falling asleep in the morning,
I miss waking up.

Curl up and shiver with me,
like me;
die a little more with each breath

I haven’t slept in months
and it’s all your fault.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hydro Jen


Infomercials are false prophets.

Evil stories with unresolved endings.

You are an infomercial.

My heart wanted to go to you,

my feet were reluctant to follow;

my heart always wins.


In an array of scents,

none of them were you –

I caught the scent of

your life running away

from you.


Like a playful puppy,

I was too excited to sit still,

so I sliced my stomach open

and gave birth to blood.


I’m hoping one day

you’ll miss my tweed coat

that never kept you warm…


Driving while heartbroken,

I scream out from my heart

what I couldn’t say to you.

I’m just asking you

to hang in there with me

a little longer.

Friday, December 18, 2009

On . Way


Wave next time…

you scared me away
so you could sleep me
to forgotten.


Pretend that you’re carsick,
choke the life out of
a bouquet of flowers,
and soften the blow
with saw blades.


I reversed your home’s interior;
my best friends became
arterial sprayed walls
and their cryptic corners
beneath the shadows.

You were sleeping,
dreaming alone on an electric beach
where static
waves collided
over pixilated grains of sand

while I was being bombarded
with blizzards
on the far side of the sun,
writing a suicide note
that ended

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Her Tongue Walks

Look out
Into oblivion;
Nothing hurts more than
Distancing this divison.
Somewhere, I'll find you again,
Lying again(st)
Evergreens, but will
You ever come back to me?

sometime, I'll find you again.

Alien Suburb (*Kubla Khan)

Alien Suburb (*Kubla Khan)


Red in the sky
means red on the ground.

I let my dreams defeat me
in the core
of a dripping earth.

The wren on the cactus
with the silly hat;
*Five miles meandering
With a mazy motion…*

you puny, dehydrated
abstraction of me.


My brain abruptly
producing melatonin –
scratching the root
of my eye
with pointy fingernails.

Dark is the truth
and its why you dwell
in the light of a lie.

Gently pluck
these flowers
from the sky
like teeth
out of my skull.

“What’s that?”
…Its one of many things,
but I’ll tell you what its not

*Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Kubla Khan or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment (1816)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Con-dish on her

I don't know what happened;

My jaw used to be a jagged
shard of glass spackled with blood.
Notoriously unbreakable.
But now, it's a pliable
And frail material of conformity -
Just like me.

And as I collect beautiful objects
in an arid desert,
I salt upon your remains
and lightly sprinkle them into a stew.


Going into shock
over nothing you said,
building a house of marbles
with marble glue.

"You're a beautiful guy,
But I'm so used
To the one I have."

And you're a dazzling dream -

But I'm so used