Sunday, January 29, 2017

Captain Morrow’s Descent into Wire

Branch bisecting death
or the tree that feel asleep

as far as you can’t see
as far as the horse can carry you.

You wanted to wield a scythe so you did
as sepia clouds set the backdrop for asphalt night.

Sing for dying and sleep tomorrow
to collapsed fences in darker dirt

by the snake in your eyes
or the crucifix above your bed;

I’m sorry July was wrong,
and January became unbearable.

I asked Odin for another chance
while Frigg was weaving dreams in the sky

and he kept telling to me to ask him later
and to fake a smile until it stuck.

I fake a smile and when it sticks
I’m gonna climb over the fenced-in fence

maybe ask Odin again for that scary chance
and try to stop waking up with nauseous dread.

The me that was poisoned by the me that wasn’t –
the me that wasn’t learning to fly

vs. the me that wasn’t: learning to fly;
money on the latter. You will always matter.