Monday, July 21, 2014

Alighieri's Allegory

The day that cured me
was unremarkable;

abstract and sedentary.

I pressed my ear
to your lips
and I swear I heard the wind

cold and sad

whispering fragmented
and fractured
tales of loneliness.

I pressed my ear
to your chest
and I could've sworn I heard the ocean

violently pulsing
and thrashing me
back to shore.

And I’m sad like the wind;

“not today”
isn't the snow
that binds me here.


are my only names.

All my best thoughts
are floating
above me
and out of reach

with ghosts
I don’t yet have
the courage to meet.

Your atlas
is crooked
and misaligned;

I jizz on your dewy meadow

and today’s forecast
calls for isolated suffocation
with a certainty of overcast
above an open and desolate field.

It was then
that she approached me
and said how handsomely dapper
I was.

But my soul is fractured - 
like the wind -

I replied.

I broke her
with a patented distraction
and quickly crept away.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shades of Staccato

The bridge
was a tourniquet

pretty you
had trouble crossing.

The south Bronx
to our north
and out of view

the upper east side
still out of focus.

I was strangling
some smoke

near Midtown

but dreams
of the Midwest

had me mystified
and perturbed

drifting listlessly
off the lonely bridge.

Monday, July 7, 2014

She Lied You Blue

This cigarette
is my last drink

under just one
exploding sky.

I jumped ship
to a sinking town;

I thought you
among the wreck


It suits you well now.

I skipped town
to a sinking ship –

it’s saddening
it’s maddening
it’s cursed;

betrayal filtrated
over crying ice
for me to swallow whole.

Don’t lose the chocolate
from your charm;

you’re no daisy, darling,

I was once your huckleberry.